Dr Rosie Day PhD

Dr Rosie Day

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Senior Lecturer in Environment and Society

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School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Rosie Day is an environmental human geographer interested in various aspects of peoples experience of, and engagement with, the wider environment. Much of her work has been in the area of environmental inequalities and environmental justice where she has developed a particular theme on ageing and environmental issues. She is currently largely focused on research to do with energy demand, especially isues of energy poverty and energy justice. Her style of working is highliy multi-disciplinary, and she works in teams with academics from engineering, history, transport studies, architecture and sociology, from the UK and beyond.


  • BSc (University of East Anglia)
  • MSc (London School of Economics and Political Science)
  • PhD (University College London)


Rosie completed a BSc in Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia and worked in private sector research and local government before returning to academia. She gained an MSc in Social Research Methods from the London School of Economics, followed by a PhD in 2004 from the Department of Geography at University College London. She was awarded a one year ESRC postdoctoral fellowship at UCL, and then took up a post as research fellow at the Department of Urban Studies, University of Glasgow in 2005, working within the Scottish Centre for Research on Social Justice. Rosie joined the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences at Birmingham in August 2007.



Yr 3 Environmental Justice (course leader)

Yr 2 fieldcourse - Malta (course leader)

Yr 2 Environmental Assessment and Management (contributor)

Yr 2 Advanced research methods (contributor)

Postgraduate supervision

I welcome enquiries from applicants interested in environmental justice; energy poverty and energy justice; energy demand; use of local / indigenous knowledge in water, energy, air quality or resource management; older age and the environment.

Doctoral Researchers


  • Stuart Bowles (10/2018 - ) Alternative currencies, community energy and energy justice. ESRC studentship. Co supervisor John Round.
  • Jillian Smith (04/2016 - ) Equitable environmental management in Canada’s aboriginal resource-based communities. Co-supervisor Steven Emery.
  • Hikmah Kamarudin (10/2015 -) Physical access for disabled citizen’s inclusion in Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Funded by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. Co-supervisor Lauren Andres.
  • Naeemah Yusof (12/2014 - ) Walkability and social participation of older citizens in Birmingham City Centre. Funded by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. Lead supervisor Peter Lee.


  • Moniruzzaman Md (11/2012 – 08/2016) Gender, energy poverty and energy justice in rural Bangladesh. Funded by the Government of Bangladesh. co-supervisor Peter Lee.
  • Septin Astuti (10/2011 – 06/2016) Energy poverty and fuel substitution programmes, Indonesia. Funded by the Government of Indonesia. Co-supervisor Steven Emery.
  • Komalirani Yenneti (2010-2014) Energy justice in solar park development, Gujarat. Funded by the College of Life and Environmental Sciences, UoB. Co-supervisor Oleg Golubchikov.
  • Saadatu Baba (2009 - 2014) Gender and land degradation in Northern Nigeria
  • Stephanie Garstin (2009 - 2014) Nuclear power assemblage and energy governance in Poland. Funded by  an ESRC Ceolbas scholarship. Co-supervisor Tim Haughton, CREES.
  • Thom Davies (2009-2014) Marginalised communities in post-Chernobyl Ukraine. Funded by  an ESRC Ceolbas scholarship. Co-supervisor, with Dominique Moran and John Round.
  • Marcia Gibson (2004-2007) Barriers and Incentives Digital Inclusion. ESRC CASE studentship, University of Glasgow. Co supervisor.


Leader of the Human Geography research theme ‘adapting to energy and environmental uncertainties’ https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/research/activity/hg/research-areas/index.aspx#Adapting

Research projects:

CreativeDrought: Creative experiments for building resilience to future drought in Southern Africa. NERC / AHRC / ESRC funded (Global Challenges Building Resilience theme) 2016-18, £190,000. Co-investigator.


DEMAND: Dynamics of Energy, Mobility and Demand. EPSRC and EDF funded End User Energy Demand (EU-ED) Research Centre 2013-2018, £4.9 million. Co-Investigator. PI Professor Elizabeth Shove, Lancaster University.


Stories of Change: Exploring energy and community in the past, present and future. AHRC funded 2014-18 (Connected Communities stream), £1.4 million. Co-Investigator. PI: Joe Smith, Open University.


Smarter Households: An intelligent digital household network to transform low carbon lifestyles. EPSRC (Build-Teddi) funded 2013-18. £1.06 million. Co-Investigator. PI: Shuli Liu, Coventry University.


2Genders: Generation and Gender Energy Deprivation: Realities and Social Policies. Funded by the Belgian Science and Policy Office 2014 -17. Role: International Partner. PI: Francoise Bartiaux, Universite Catholique de Louvain.

The thermal management practices of older people during winter: accounting for the contextual dynamics funded by the Nuffield Foundation 2008-9. Co-PI, with Russell Hitchings, UCL.

Download the full report on Older people and their winter warmth behaviours: Understanding the contextual dynamics (PDF - 3.87MB)


Older People, Environment and Wellbeing funded by the Scottish Centre for Research on Social Justice 2005-7. PI.

Download the full final report from the Older People, Environment and Wellbeing project (PDF - 570KB)  https://www.gla.ac.uk/media/media_70702_en.pdf or the Older People, Environment and Wellbeing summary findings (PDF - 103KB) https://www.gla.ac.uk/media/media_71035_en.pdf

Other activities

Director of Postgraduate Research, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences.


Key Publications since 2001

Rangecroft S, Birkinshaw S, Rohse M, Day R, McEwen L, Makaya E, van Loon AF (2018) Hydrological modelling as a tool for interdisciplinary workshops on future drought. Progress in Physical Geography: Earth and Environment 42 (2), 237-256.

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