Professor John Tellam BSc, MSc, PhD, FGS

Professor John Tellam

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Professor of Hydrogeology

Contact details

School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

John Tellam’s main research interests are in inorganic, surface-interacting, solute and particle transport in groundwaters, with a particular emphasis on sandstone aquifers.


  • BSc in Geological Sciences, University of Southampton
  • MSc in Hydrogeology, University of Birmingham
  • PhD in Groundwater Chemistry, University of Birmingham


BSc taught modules, year 3 &4: Pollution Hydrogeology; Engineering Geology; Natural Hazards (part)
MSc Hydrogeology Course taught modules: Hydraulic Properties (part); Inorganic Chemistry and Groundwater; Hydrogeophysics; Water Resources Studies (part)
MSc Hydrogeology Course tutor; senior MSc Course tutor and Research Ethics Coordinator for GEES; Fieldwork Safety Coordinator for Earth Sciences.

Postgraduate supervision

John Tellam’s current research interests focus on the quantification of surface-reacting solute transport and inorganic nanoparticle movement in ground waters. This work involves laboratory and field experimentation and modelling. Within the Water Sciences group, there are extensive facilities for this type of research, including an on-campus research borehole array.

Professor Tellam's most recent research projects have centred on: virus movement in ground waters; nanoparticle movement in ground waters; and applications of biogeochemistry in nuclear waste disposal. PhD and PDRA research has recently included work on: characterising surface properties of rocks; examining particle-virus interactions; quantifying correlations between hydraulic properties geochemical properties, and lithofacies; quantifying ion exchange reactions; and developing new methods for borehole logging interpretations. Professor Tellam has supervised nearly 50 doctoral researchers in a wide range of groundwater subjects, and is always keen to consider new applications.

Other activities

Member of the Council of the Geological Society of London, and member of the Society’s Science and Election Committees.
Member of the EPSRC review college.
Member of the Steering Committee, UK Groundwater Forum.
External examiner to the MSc Course in Environmental Hydrogeology at Cardiff University.
Guest lecturer on the MSc Course in Hydrogeology and Environmental Geoscience, Göttingen University, Germany.


Recent publications


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