Information for presenters

Oral presentations

There will be a PC available running PowerPoint 2010 for oral presenters. Each presenter will arrive in time to upload their presentation onto the PC before their session.

Those before lunch will upload presentations before the start of the day’s sessions. Afternoon presenters can upload slides either before the morning sessions or during the lunch break.

In addition to the PC facilities, there will be the potential to hook up your own Mac computer (you will need to provide your own adapter for the projector). However, for the smooth running of the presentations, can you all please make use of the PC facilities and use your own Mac computers only as a last resort.

There are two talk lengths for non-keynote presenters. Short talks are 15 minutes in length, composed of a 12 minute talk with 3 minutes of questions. Long talks are 20 minutes in length and are composed of a 15 minute talk and 5 minutes for questions.

Your talk length is designated in the conference programme by the letter S or L (short or long). A traffic light system will be employed to keep talks to time. 

Short talks

Green light up to 9 minutes, amber light up to 12 minutes, red light up to 15 minutes, red flashing light (talk and questions end).

Long talks

Green light up to 12 minutes, amber light up to 15 minute, red light up to 20 minutes, red flashing light after 20 minutes (talk and questions end).

Each conference presentation will be converted to a pdf and made available through the BHS website after the conference. If you do not wish for your presentation to be made available then please indicate this to your session convener when you upload your presentation.

Alternatively, if you wish to provide an edited version of your presentation, with specific slides or figures removed, please provide this edited version to the session convener. 

Poster presentations

Posters are limited to 1.13m across and 1.72m in height. Poster presentations will be presented throughout the conference during the coffee and lunch breaks. However, specific times are designated to the presentation of posters on the first day of the conference.

Posters will be exhibited over lunch and from approximately 5pm during a ‘beer and posters’ session where free beer will be provided to all delegates. Further, there will be two 30 minute poster pitch sessions on the first day of the conference.

Presenters will provide a 1 minute pitch of their poster during these sessions to the entire conference. The one minute time slot will be strictly enforced. Each delegate should provide a single PowerPoint slide to aid their pitch.

This PowerPoint slide should be emailed to by 9am on the 1st September (the day before the conference). If a PowerPoint slide is not received, it is assumed that you do not wish to take part in the poster pitch session.    

Special issue

As a presenter at BHS2014 you will be invited to submit an article to a special issue of Hydrology Research. We will contact you after the conference to provide further information.   


Three separate prizes will be awarded for the best oral presentation of the conference, the best ‘young’ hydrologist oral and poster presentations (young is defined as <2 years after PhD completion or <2 years into first post within organisation; whichever is sooner).

The young hydrologist prizes winners will be presented with Wiley book vouchers, courtesy of Wiley publishing.