Impact, Exchange and Making a Difference

Conference materials

What we’re reading

Bonnett A., (2003) Geography as the world discipline: connecting popular and academic geographical imaginations, Area, 35(1), 55-63 This paper stresses the importance of geography to critically engage this formally imperial paradigm and, in so doing, re-ignite geography’s role in public debate and as public knowledge.

Hay I., & Israel M., (2001) ‘Newsmaking geography’: communicating geography through the media, Applied Geography, 21, 107-125 This paper discusses the need for geographers to develop ‘newsmaking geography’ to allow us to publicize the vitality that has characterized parts of geography in the past two decades, help overcome the power/knowledge ineffectiveness of academic publications, and fortify our public activism.

James A., (2006) Critical moments in the production of ‘rigorous’ and ‘relevant’ cultural economic geographies, Progress in Human Geography, 30, 289 This paper begins to develop appropriate strategies on how academics might achieve impact in practice

Martin R., (2001) Geography and public policy: the case of the missing agenda, Progress in Human Geography, 25(2), 189-210 – This paper is advanced a theoretical debate within geograpjhy by making a plea for a new ‘policy turn’ in the discipline, and concludes with suggestions for how geographers might move towards a ‘geography of public policy’. - Public engagement lens on the Researcher Development Framework 


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