Our research 

Research in the School centres around four research themes that cut across traditional discipline boundaries and respond to major research challenges. 


Together, these themes embrace a wide range of physical science, biological science, social sciences and humanities, which also link across the College of Life and Environmental Sciences and to other colleges in the University. Other strengths, such as urban research and sustainability, bridge across the four research themes within the School.

GEES Open Research Vision

The concept of Open Research is very diverse but can be broadly considered to be about making the products of research freely accessible to all as early as possible, as well as opening up the research process itself. It covers research practices such as Open Access publication, Open Data, Open Source code and software, adopting an openly collaborative approach to research and engaging the public with the research process. The aim is thus to increase the dissemination, utility, transparency and reproducibility of research by improving the curation, management and discoverability of research and the data generated by research activity.

As a School, GEES supports the principles outlined above and recognizes the benefits of Open Research. We aim to increase the ‘openness’ of our research environment, and support our research community in making our outputs as openly accessible as possible. We also recognize, however, that the diversity of social science and science disciplines represented within the School means that approaches to Open Research may differ within different fields, and may be subject to constraints (e.g. sensitive commercial or individual data).