Ana Alecsandru selected to be the new Westmere Scholar for the College of Social Sciences

Ana Alecsandru, a doctoral researcher with the ICCS, has recently been selected to join the Westmere team as a Scholar for the College of Social Science. The Westmere Scholars work with the University Graduate School to plan and organise academic and social activities and events to address the diverse needs of postgraduate researchers (PGRs). 

Westmere is the postgraduate research hub at the University of Birmingham. Westmere House (G15 on the campus map) has been developed as an event and social space for all postgraduate researchers, and a study space for postgraduate researchers in the College of Arts & Law. Westmere is the centre for postgraduate researcher workshops, conferences, training, social events and networking. The Westmere Scholars lead the way in bringing the physical space and our postgraduate research community together.

The University Graduate School (UGS) is offering five Westmere Scholarships per year (one for each College). These scholarships are designed to support high calibre University of Birmingham Postgraduate Researchers. Each scholarship attracts a fixed bursary of £5,000 for a twelve month duration: from the beginning of August 2017 to the end of July 2018. In return for this bursary the Postgraduate Researcher Westmere Scholars are asked to support community building and researcher development activities within the Westmere Postgraduate Researcher Hub.

The five Westmere Scholars are currently planning the academic, social and wellbeing activities for the new academic year. Watch out for exciting news, events and activities in the upcoming months. 

For more information and to meet the team, check the University Graduate School’s website.