IGS Symposium: '1968 and All That: Legacies of a Revolution'

Wednesday 14th March 2018 (12:30-19:00)
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The symposium will interrogate the events and the memory of “1968” from a variety of German and transnational perspectives, including the extent to which it was an historical turning point or milestone, how far it has been regarded as a utopian or dystopian moment in political discourse and cultural memory, and whether it was a catalyst of more violent protest. Other questions tackled will include what kind of turning point, break, or change of direction the events of 1968 were thought to represent at the time, and whether “1968” can be viewed as a cause or a symptom of change.

As this IGS symposium will be a 50th anniversary event, it also represents an opportunity to discuss why, how and by/for whom “1968” has been remembered since, as well as how and why anniversaries and “significant dates” are commemorated.


Gerrit-Jan Berendse (Cardiff), ‘Kafka, Power and the Prague Spring: 1968 in the GDR’
Clare Bielby (York), ‘1968 and its queer legacies’
Ingo Cornils (Leeds), ‘Romantic Relapse or Modern Myth? Reflections on the Construction of “1968” in Germany’
Mererid Puw Davies (UCL), ‘1968, Textual and Sexual Politics in Helke Sander’s film “Der subjektive Faktor” (1980-81)’
Chris Homewood (Leeds), ‘”High sein, frei sein, aber muss Terror dabei sein?” Gerd Koenen’s notion of the "red decade" and recent German film’
Katharina Karcher (Bristol), ‘Rudi Dutschke: Icon and Villain of 1968, Cauliflower Poet and Anti-authoritarian Father’
Nicholas Martin (Birmingham), ‘“This is the Auschwitz generation, and there’s no arguing with them!”: The disputed ideological parentage of the Red Army Faction’

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