Football and the Politics of Emotions

Muirhead Tower, Room 714/5, 7th Floor, Muirhead Tower (R21)
Social Sciences
Thursday 25th May 2017 (15:00-17:00)
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Speakers: Professor Timm Beichelt (European University Viadrina) and Dr Nina Szogs (University of Vienna)

Discussant: Dr Jonathan Grix (University of Birmingham)

In recent decades, football has gained an integrating function by offering a platform for pertinent symbols of late modern societies. In this process, football has become a field in which collective emotions and also performances of gender and ethnicity are displayed and constantly renegotiated. Football is a crucial part of many people’s everyday lives in Europe and is increasingly intertwined with transnational and translocal discourses. Europeanisation, transnationalisation and migration processes are deeply entangled in football fan practices. The talks reflect from two different perspectives how football is used by different societal actors to pursue their objectives.