Our staff and researchers

IGS staff

Dr Nicholas Martin - Director

Dr Charlotte Galpin - Deputy Director

Dr Sara Jones - Senior Lecturer

Dr Julian Pänke - DAAD-Fachlektor

Current IGS Postgraduate Researchers

Anja Benedikt
Imaginings of Identity: The Construction of National Identity in the Immigrant Integration Discourse in Germany.

Harpreet Bhelley
The position of German and European Colonialism in the German education system.

Ivor Bolton
The implementation of German heritage policy and the representation of the German Democratic Republic through memorials and museums

Alex Brown
Rethinking the GDR Opposition: Reform, Resistance and Revolution in the Other Germany

Maren Rohe
Perceptions of Germany in Poland, Belarus and Russia.

Marlene Schrijnders
From London to Leipzig and back: Goth scenes in the GDR between Endzeit and Revolution.

Helen Tatlow
Heinrich von Kleist’s Der Prinz von Homburg and its translation into English.

David J. Zell
Major cultural commemorations and the construction of cultural & political identity in the GDR, 1959-1983.

Associate / affiliated staff

Professor Bill Dodd (German Studies)
Research about: "inner emigration" of the Nazi period; language criticism, critical linguistics (discourse analysis), and corpus linguistics; language pedagogy; Kafka

Dr Elystan Griffiths (German Studies)
Research about: German literature from 1770 to1815; German film

Dr Jonathan Grix
Research about: Sport in Germany; the German unification process; East German identity, politics and history; the East German sports system

Hans Kundnani (European Council on Foreign Relations)
Research about: Germany's 1968 generation and the Holocaust, German geo-economic power in the 21st century, and German-Chinese relations.

Professor William E Paterson - Professor Emeritus
Research about: Germany and the EU; Germany and Eastern Europe; Government and politics of Germany; party systems and elections; the impact of unification

Adelheid Heuwieser (German Studies)
DAAD-Lektorin in the Department of Modern Languages

Professor Ronald Speirs (German Studies)
Research about: Brecht, Kafka, Thomas Mann, Fascism and European literature, the first unification of Germany, Friedrich Nietzsche, Max Weber

Dr Graham Timmins (POLSIS)
Research about: The external activities of the European Union with a specific interest in the European Union's 'eastern policy'. Graham Timmins is involved in a number of research projects examining European Union-Russian relations and since 2006 has been a joint coordinator of the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES)-University Association for Contemporary Studies (UACES) Joint Research Network on EU-Russia Relations. He also maintains an interest in German politics and has a specific interest in German European and Foreign Policy as well as Germany's bilateral relations with Russia.

Professor Wilfried van der Will - Honorary Professor
Research about: German culture, philosophy and politics; German literature and society post-1945; the worker-culture movement of the Weimar Republic; culture in the Third Reich; protest and democracy from the 1960s to the 1980s; the reception of Nietzsche

Dr Tara Windsor (German Studies)
Research about: cultural diplomacy during the years of the Weimar Republic, international scholarly relations, Anglo-German student exchange after the First World War. Tara is currently researching and contributing to a critical anthology of translated exile writings, which will compare fictional and non-fictional texts – including ego-documents – written by inner and territorial exiles of the Nazi and Francoist dictatorships.

Professor Stefan Wolff (POLSIS)
Research about: ethnic German minorities in Central and Easter Europe; ethnic German expellees, refugees and ‘returnees’ and their integration in the Federal Republic; policies of German governments towards ethnic German minorities abroad; expellee organisations in the Federal Republic, German Ostpolitik, the German ‘question’ in international politics.

Visiting fellows

Professor Beverley Crawford - University of California Berkeley

Professor Eric Langenbacher - Georgetown University

Professor Marc Silbermann - University of Wisconsin-Madison

Professor Phil Triadafilopoulos - University of Toronto

Honorary fellows

Mr Piotr Buras

Dr Heiko Fritz

Professor Lothar Funk

Professor Simon Green

Dr Felix Heiduk

Dr Isabelle Hertner

Dr Patricia Hogwood

Dr Daniel Hough

Professor Charlie Jeffery

Professor Michael Kaser

Dr Charles Lees

Professor Thomas Poguntke

Professor Peter Pulzer

Professor The Lord Roper

Dr Carolyn Rowe

Dr James Sloam

Professor The Lord Watson

Professor Ruediger Wink

Dr Marcin Zaborowski