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To enable you to better develop your own ideas and opinions, we will put you at the centre of the learning process. From the outset you will be encouraged to become an independent and self-motivated learner. Many of your lecturers at Birmingham will be global experts in their fields and their excitement and passion will translate into your degree programme.

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Posted 23 March 2018

Bushra Rehman has been awarded one of two dissertation prizes by the UK Development Studies Association

We're delighted to announce that an IDD graduate from 2017 has been awarded one of two dissertation prizes by the UK Development Studies Association. Bushra Rehman undertook the MSc International Development (Conflict, Security and Development) and produced a dissertation on 'The intersection of gender and disability in exacerbating poverty in displacement settings: Jordan as a case study'.

Posted 29 August 2017

Alumni Profile: Ellen Moser

What attracted me to this course in particular was fact that it balances theory with practice, which makes it quite unique compared to other courses which focus nearly exclusively on a theoretical approach.

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