About IDD

The International Development Department (IDD) is a multi-disciplinary department committed to poverty reduction through the development of effective governance systems.

IDD's strength lies in the breadth of its interests and its position between the worlds of practice and ideas. Our research links with our consultancy work, informs the education and training offered and contributes to academic and practitioner debates about development policy.

In addition to the research carried out by the department, IDD also has a number of Resource centres.

IDD offers taught and research postgraduate degrees that enable students to deepen their understanding of development issues. All our Degrees are international in both focus and student body, and over the past six years we have welcomed students from 99 different countries.

The department addresses a wide range of public management and governance issues in developing and transitional countries in Southern Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the former USSR.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Evaluation of governance and public management reforms
  • Democratisation and political reform
  • Conflict, state failure and reconstruction
  • Corruption, aid effectiveness and financial management
  • Decentralisation and local governance
  • £Social and human aspects of development

About the School

The International Development Department is part of the School of Government and Society, within the College of Social Sciences.

One of the leading UK and International centres for politics, international development, sociology and European Studies. With expertise including public administration and management, development, security, ethnicity, social exclusion and politics.

More information about IDD: