Researching gender in development, conflict and security

Gisbert Kapp Building Room 224
Social Sciences
Monday 23rd April 2018 (08:00-18:00)
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Registration is now open for attending this one-day workshop, to be convened at the University of Birmingham on Monday 23 April 2018. 

The workshop will bring together academics from across disciplines to engage with contemporary debates on gender and feminist theory in the fields of development, conflict and security.

Although gender is increasingly seen as a central concern for the fields of development, conflict and security, partial or superficial approaches to gender are still common. Such approaches mainly address the participation of womenin these fields or their specific experiences of violence, failing to apply a more complex analysis of gendered dynamics. They risk obscuring men’s gendered experiences, how masculinities relate to gender inequality, the intersection of gender with other axes of social inequality, or an analysis of these issues through the lens of queer theory.

This workshop instead aims to explore diverse, critical and innovative views of gender, contrasting with stereotypical approaches to gender as ‘adding women’ or ‘gender mainstreaming’. We aim to expose the ways in which genders – masculinities and femininities – inform and shape processes of exclusion, conflict, and violence, both structural and direct.

Researchers from universities across the UK, as well as international NGOs will discuss perspectives on gendered approaches to global development; gendering peace and conflict; and gendered violence and (in)security. The event will finish with a keynote presentation by Dr Polly Wilding, expert on Gender and International Development from the University of Leeds.

Registrations for this workshop will be open until Wednesday 11 April. Participation in the workshop is free, but participants have to meet their own travel costs.

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