Workshop: A Future for Aid Data


First Session: Transparency
Chaired by Heather Marquette (University of Birmingham)

Transparency and accountability as one of the critical perspectives on the legitimacy of future development cooperation Stephan Klingebiel (German Development Institute)
Debt Management and Transparency Mac Banda (Commonwealth Secretariat)
Beyond Busan: the case for including other public flows for development Michael Hubbard and Pranay Sinha (University of Birmingham)

Second Session: Global Aid Governance
Chaired by Richard Batley (University of Birmingham)

14.00 Aid Governance and Aid Reporting: Current Issues in a Historical Perspective Richard Carey (former Director, Development Co-operation Directorate, OECD)
14.25 Global aid data governance for both DAC & Non DAC Donors– which institution is fit for purpose OECD or UNDCF or any new one? Owen Barder (Centre for Global Development)
14.50 Convergence & Divergence among established players and new global players: Where is the common ground? Pranay Sinha  & Michael Hubbard (University of Birmingham)

Third Session: Global Aid Governance (continued)
Chaired by Simon Delay (University of Birmingham)

16.15 How Much Aid is Real Aid? Lucia Fry (Action Aid)
16.40 Whether bridging of 'two type of aid players' is really effective way to deal with the current divergence: The case of Korea and Japan Soyeun Kim (University of Leeds)
17.05 Will China, India and Brazil make ‘South-South’ cooperation a reality? Marco Vieira (University of Birmingham)

Fourth session: Non DAC Donors
Chaired by Andrew Nickson (University of Birmingham) 

09.00 The Political Economy of Development Cooperation: China’s Unintentional Influence on the Aid Effectiveness Debate Jiajun Xu (University of Oxford) 
09.25 India and Brazil’s foreign aid and their role in the future development architecture  Oliver Stuenkel (Fundação Getulio Vargas)
09.50 Brazil’s development cooperation: a new paradigm Jennifer Constantine (Institute of Development Studies)
10.15 Public perception of foreign aid in Russia Patty Gray (University of Ireland)

Fifth session: DAC & Non DAC Donors at the Crossroads
Chaired by Mike Hubbard (University of Birmingham)

Sixth session: Capturing South-South Development Cooperation
Chaired by Oliver Stuenkel (Fundação Getulio Vargas)

14.00 South –South Cooperation Data: Issues around southern donors’ aid statistics Pranay Sinha and Michael Hubbard (University of Birmingham)
14.30 Experience with including Non DAC Donors aid information in AidData database Mike Tierney (AidData)
14.55 Non DAC Donors and Humanitarian Assistance Flows Kerry Smith (Development Initiative) 
15.20 Discussions Way Forward: Future Research Agenda Michael Hubbard and Pranay Sinha  (University of Birmingham)