Professor John Makumbe (1950 - 2013)

Professor John Makumbe died on 24 January aged 63. Professor Makumbe was a member of the Department of Political and Administrative Studies of the University of Zimbabwe. The University of Birmingham awarded him an honorary doctorate in 2004 on the strength of his brave and principled commitment to truth and integrity in Zimbabwe and in Africa more broadly.

He was a fearless campaigner for social justice against the increasingly aggressive posture of the Mugabe regime. From his position at the University of Zimbabwe he consistently upheld the case for transparent government. He managed to do this whilst also maintaining a position from which he has been able to influence the government’s practice. Among his wide civic commitments, he was founder-chairman of Transparency International’s Zimbabwe branch, a member of TI's board for southern and eastern Africa, founder member and chairman of the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition, and founder chairman of the Zimbabwe Albino Association.

John was associated with the International Development Department of the University of Birmingham, with which he undertook research during the 1990s and 2000s.

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