Research on Accountability, Local Government and Public Finance in Brazil

IDD will receive the following Brazilian visitors from 01 September for 10 days

  • Professors André Busanelli de Aquino, Vinicius Aversari Martins and EugênioSilva Bitti of the University of São Paulo, and
  • Professor Ricardo Lagos of the Fundação Getulio Vargas (São Paulo)

They will participate in the Comparative International Governmental Accounting Research conference (1-4 September), which is hosted at Birmingham. André Aquino, Vinicius Martins and EugênioSilva Bitti  will then stay until 11 September to discuss joint research plans between the University of Birmingham’s departments of International Development and Accounting and Finance with the University of São Paulo’s Faculty of Economics, Administration and Accounting. The proposal is for a one year joint exploratory (pump-priming) research project from November 2013, to be followed by longer term externally funded research.

The purpose of the proposed research is to assess the effects of reforms in changing relations of control and accountability between levels of government; between technical staff and politicians at all levels; and between local government, the private sector and citizens. The topic involves questions of accountability and public finance within and between federal and municipal levels of government in Brazil, but with reference to British experience. It has direct relevance to the concerns manifested by the current protests against high taxes, poor services and misdirected political priorities in Brazil.