IDD Policy briefs

IDD Policy Briefs support evidence-informed decision-making in international development, presenting the policy implications of research in a concise and accessible format.

The two-page Briefs summarise the findings and implications of research conducted by IDD staff members. They highlight key messages, and include links to more in-depth publications. 

Rethinking the Institutional Approach to Statebuilding
Nicolas Lemay-Hébert highlights the importance of a neglected question: what type of state does statebuilding seek to promote?
Friday 14th December 2012

Why Legitimacy Matters to NGO Peacebuilding
Donor support for national NGOs engaged in peacebuilding can damage NGOs' reputations. Oliver Walton suggests how donors could help to maintain NGO legitimacy and promote locally appropriate peacebuilding strategies.
Thursday 9th August 2012

Making Environmental Mainstreaming Happen
As the Rio+20 summit discusses the institutional framework for sustainable development, this brief – by Fiona Nunan, Adrian Campbell and Emma Foster – highlights lessons on how organisational structures can facilitate environmental mainstreaming.
Friday 22nd June 2012

Social Repair in Divided Societies
How can societal relations be repaired after intergroup conflict? This brief by IDD's Huma Haider suggests that transitional justice and coexistence initiatives could be coordinated to enhance reconciliation.
Wednesday 23rd May 2012

Building Integrity in Fragile Contexts
In this Policy Brief, Heather Marquette highlights the emergence of context-sensitive approaches to corruption in fragile situations as part of efforts to promote responsive statebuilding.
Thursday 22nd March 2012

The Risks of Security-led Statebuilding
In this Policy Brief, Paul Jackson highlights the risks of prioritising short-term, 'hard' security in conflict-affected states. He outlines how Security Sector Reform interventions can contribute to statebuilding more effectively.
Friday 3rd February 2012