Associates, Honorary and Visiting Staff

INLOGOV works with a wide group of Associates, Honorary and Visiting Staff whose skills and experience complement those of INLOGOV's staff. Amongst them are:

Jasmine Ali
Jasmine Ali has 20 years' experience in the public sector, 15 in senior management as operational and strategic lead for frontline services and latterly in social service policy development. She specialises in children's services, change management, social media and adult social care.

Barb Allen
An experienced researcher and educator with previous roles at Warwick Business School and the University of Birmingham.  Barbara applies her expertise in commissioning, procurement, leadership development and change management to help organisations respond and adapt to the policy environment.

Ged Bretherton
Ged Bretherton, who has fulfilled the role of 'Community Champion' as Ward Councillor for Wigan Council developing partnerships and liaising between the local authority and voluntary groups. He is an accredited Peer Member with the LGA.

Jon Bloomfield
An expert on EU funding, European and EU issues of regional and local government who carries out research in the EU and contributes to post-graduate programme.

John Cade
John Cade brings his experience of working as a senior local government officer to addressing issues around council’s governance arrangements with a particular focus on relationships and developing trust between Executives, Chairs and Scrutiny Members.

Danny Conway
Danny has worked in children's services and community development since 1977 – mostly for Milton Keynes where he is currently the Senior Commissioning Manager.  His main interests are: early non-stigmatising support for families, social mapping and meaningful consultation with low income communities.

Andrew Coulson
Andrew Coulson is a nationally-recognised expert on scrutiny in local government and is particularly interested in governance by committee.

Mari Davis
Mari Davis is particularly interested in the development of political leadership and the politician's role in community engagement.

Lee Digings
Lee Digings is principal author of 'EU Public Procurement Law and Practice' and was for 10 years a national adviser at IDeA. He works in the UK and internationally on public service reform and public procurement.

Chris Game
Chris Game is the joint-author of the best-selling introductory text on Local Government in the United Kingdomwith wide interests in many aspects of politics.

Daniel Goodwin
Daniel has over 30 years' public service experience including six years as Chief Executive at St Albans City & District Council, a period at the LGA as Executive Director of Finance and Policy, where he oversaw the LGA's Rewiring Public Services initiative, and a range of policy, corporate and cultural services roles. Daniel contributes regularly to public sector publications and conferences and is particularly interested in the devolution and empowerment of places, development of healthy communities and strong economies, local governance, and the community leadership role of politicians and how they build constructive relationships with officials.

Matt Gott
It’s about trust, respect and relationships, developed by listening, learning and collaborating.  It's about change with an through people.  Securing improvement through better understanding of real people’s lives.  Coaching senior teams to reflect and learn, together, to work across borders with ease and elegance.

Anne Halliday
Anne Halliday has worked with central and local government and the third sector. Her specialisms include Criminal Justice, Community Safety and JR. She is highly experienced in managing change, improving governance and performance, particularly in partnerships.

Olwen Hamer
Experienced senior officer: service, policy development and re-organisation within local government, the third sector and health. Cabinet Member for Transformation and Resources, Stoke City Council. Research and policy specialism: equality and diversity.

Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes is an experienced researcher, analyst, and policy advisor. He has senior management and board level experience. His expertise includes governance, strategic commissioning, performance measurement, and public service improvement.

Azora Hurd
Azora Hurd has twenty years management practice in children’s services and a deep understanding of service provision, collaborative partnerships, safeguarding, policy and governance.

George Jones
Main interests are evolution of networks of aides to British prime ministers, relationship between central and local government, leadership in local government.

Mimi Konigsberg
An outstanding strategic leader who has led significant performance improvement and change in 3 local authorities experienced in working successfully with Chief Executives, elected members and staff to deliver outcomes required with support and confidence from key partners. With over 30 years local government experience covering a range of services such as housing, culture and leisure, adult education, museums and events as well as children and adult social care and 6 years experience in the Social Services Inspectorate.

John Lamb
An elected member of Trafford MBC for 16 years, is an accredited peer member with the LGA and is a tutor at the LGA's Leadership Academy. His work with local authorities across the country includes improving Cabinet working. Scrutiny skills and development and community engagement.

Chris Lawrence-Pietroni
Chris Lawrence-Pietroni works on service redesign, leadership development and citizen/user engagement as enablers of service improvement and cost reduction. He is particularly interested in adapting and applying insights from the world of community organising and social movements to enable public service transformation

Dr Max Lempriere
Max is an INLOGOV Associate and has a PhD in political science from the University of Birmingham. He has taught for a number of years on many aspects of politics, public administration, research methods and academic skills. Prior to that he read political economy at the University of Birmingham and Stockholm University. His research interests include institutional theory, environmental politics, local government innovation and policy entrepreneurship.

Philip Lloyd-Williams
Philip Lloyd-Williams has over 20 years experience in local government law and governance.  His areas of expertise encompass strategic management, organisational change and the place of elected officials and local democracy in local government.  He is a practising Solicitor and has a PhD in local politics.

Dr Elke Loeffler
An experienced multi-lingual researcher, lecturer, facilitator, policy advisor and networker. Her research focusses on citizen engagement, co-production, outcomes-based commissioning, performance management, quality management, open government, public value and public governance. She has undertaken research projects with  Prof. Tony Bovaird, University of Birmingham, Gregg Van Ryzin, Rutgers University-Newark, Prof. Salvador Parrado, UNED (Madrid), Prof. Gerry Stoker, Southampton University and Prof. Christopher Pollitt und Prof. Geert Bouckaert at the University of Leuven. Internationally, she has been commissioned to lead research projects and consultancies for the OECD, UNDP, European Commission, and Council of Europe and foundations such as the Bertelsmann Stiftung. In the UK, she has undertaken assignments for the Cabinet Office, Department of Communities and Local Government, National Audit Office, LARCI, and the Scottish and Welsh Governments. She has advised national government agencies, regional and local authorities in many member states of the European Union, the Maghreb and Latin America. She is co-editor (with Tony Bovaird) of the third edition of the textbook ‘Public Management and Governance’ and has published 20 peer-reviewed journal articles.

Sir Michael Lyons
Sir Michael Lyons served as Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council from 1994 to 2001, Nottingham County Council from 1990 to 1994 and Wolverhamton Borough Council from 1985 to 1990. He was until recently Chairman of the BBC Trust.

Joyce Markham
Joyce Markham has a wealth of experience in local government up to the highest levels, she is particularly interested in coaching and working in team building and conflict resolution.

Anthony Mason
Anthony Mason has more than 20 years of consultancy experience across a wide range of public, regulatory and voluntary bodies. An experienced change manager, he specialises in helping local authorities’ public sector partnerships to achieve their aims.

Joanna Newton
Joanna Newton has considerable experience in working across public sector boundaries of health and local government to support development of joint commissioning, integration and HWB.

Dr Steven Parker
Steve is an INLOGOV Associate and has over 20 years of experience in local government as a social worker, policy officer and senior manager. He specialises in teaching public management and management in social care and health services. His main research focus is on the relationship between the public service ethos, public value and multi-agency collaboration.

James Pratt
James Pratt a qualified ACA Chartered Accountant and a leading provider of financial and data analysis. Expertise in Total Place, collaborative working and Whole Place Agendas.

Martin Stott
Martin Stott has over 25 years experience in local government at senior levels in county and district authorities as a member and senior officer. He has led on the sustainable development agenda locally and nationally with a track record of delivery on regeneration, waste management and environmental services.

Royce Turner
Experienced in applied research and policy evaluation in social, economic, health and education fields with a strong understanding of local government and the wider public sector landscape.

Martin Willis
Martin Willis was Director of INLOGOV from 2006 to 2009. His publications, and developmental work with public service leaders and managers, explores outcome focused strategy and commissioning with the aim of enhancing local governance for individuals and communities.

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