Strategic Commissioning: moving to a higher level

A flexible programme of consultancy support, training and development.

Stage 1: Diagnostic and feedback

How good is your council at strategic commissioning? Does your structure support an holistic approach to strategic commissioning or are you still thinking in service silos? Do you have the necessary skills in market development and contract management? How are you tackling difficult decisions about priorities? Do you have effective engagement systems to underpin strategic commissioning? Can you decommission services when you have to?

We will provide a diagnosis on how well developed your commissioning systems are and on the extent to which commissioning is embedded in your organisational culture. We will feedback to you on your progress and give advice on the changes you will need to make.

Stage 2: Training and development

Option 1 Introduction to Strategic Commissioning

An interactive and practical one day overview (which can also be delivered over two or more evenings). This can be designed for senior officers, for elected members, or for both together. It will cover the key issues for you;

  • What is strategic commissioning?
  • What benefits can it bring?
  • What does it look like when it is working well?
  • What are the barriers to it working well?
  • What models and approaches can help you to commission strategically?
  • How can you use strategic commissioning to have more influence over the policy and commissioning decisions of your partners (e.g. Clinical Commissioning Groups, Police)?
  • How can elected members use strategic commissioning to help achieve their priorities?
  • What skills are needed to ensure strategic commissioning is done well and delivers the desired outcomes?

Outline programme

09.45 Welcome and introductions
10.00 How did we get here? The policy background to commissioning
10.30 Strategic commissioning – exploring the different models and tools
11.30 Coffee
11.45 Defining outcomes for your communities - making sure commissioning makes a difference
13.00 Lunch
13.45 Commissioning in partnership – influencing the outcomes achieved by your partners
15.00 Tea
15.00 Overcoming the barriers – organisational, political and financial
16.00 Designing a tailored approach for your council
17.00 Close

Option 2 - Five day programme

Five day executive development programme for senior managers providing a deep understanding of all key aspects of strategic commissioning. This programme can be adapted to suit the particular needs of your council.

Participants who choose to and who successfully submit two written assignments will be awarded 20 credits towards a post-graduate qualification at the University of Birmingham, at an additional cost of £300 per participant.

Day 1

09.30 Welcome and introductions
10.15 Introduction to the commissioning cycle
11.15 Coffee
11.30 Theory, policy and practice
12.30 Lunch
13.15 Theory, policy and practice(continued)
14.45 Tea
15.00 Case studies
15.45 Simulation exercises
16.45 Close

Day 2

09.30 Welcome back
Reflections on Day 1
10.15 New models of provision and commissioning
11.15 Coffee
11.30 Strategy
12.30 Lunch
13.15 Outcome based commissioning
14.45 Tea
15.00  Designing an outcome basedapproach
15.45 Objective led management
16.45 Close

Day 3

09.30 Welcome back
Reflections on Day 2
10.15 Collaborative commissioning
11.00 Coffee
11.15 A systematic approach toengagement
13.00 Lunch
13.45 A systematic approach to engagement (continued)
14.45 Tea
15.00 Commissioning and co-production
16.45 Close

Day 4

09.30 Welcome back
Reflections on Day 3
10.15 Risks and opportunities in commissioning
11.00 Coffee
11.15 Risks and opportunities (continued)
13.00 Lunch
13.45 An overview of procurement and effective contract management
14.45 Tea
15.00 Decommissioning – when and how to do it
16.45 Close

Day 5 

09.30 Welcome back
Reflections on Day 4
10.15 Developing commissioning skills within your council
11.00 Coffee
11.15 Leading and managing change in a political environment
13.00 Lunch
13.45 Leading and managing change in a political environment (continued)
14.45 Tea
15.00  Personal development plan
16.45 Close

Option 3 Action Learning

Action learning, running concurrently with the taught programme, or following on from it, will provide a very effective approach to embedding learning. It will also help your senior mangers and commissioners to applying that learning, in real time, to the implementation challenges you will encounter as you move towards becoming a commissioning council. We will facilitate four half day action learning sets sessions.

Stage 3: Implementation support

If you opt for Stage 1 - the diagnostic exercise, followed by the five day programme, we can return to undertake a final diagnostic within three months of delivering the five day executive programme. This will enable you to measure the impact of the programme, to chart your progress and to identify any remaining issues and barriers to be resolved or overcome. We can also provide consultancy support on implementing new systems and managing change.


Stage Deliverables Number of days Costs
Stage 1 Diagnostic -    
  - Document review -    
  - 10 Interviews (face to face or telephone)    
  - Analysis, report and feedback presentation 3 £300
Stage 2 Training and development    
Option 1 One day programme (for up to 20 participants
– including preparation and all materials
1 £1,500
Option 2 Five day executive programme (for up to 20 participants)
including preparation and all materials
5 £11,500
Option 3 Action learning sets – four half-day sessions
(for up to 10 participants)
Stage 3 Implementation support    
  - 10 Interviews (face to face or telephone)    
  - Analysis, report and feedback presentation    
  - Advice and support on change management 3 £3,000

For further information, or to discuss your requirement please contact;
Catherine Staite Director INLOGOV e: t: 0121 414 5008