Briefing paper: The World Will Be Your Oyster? - Updated (Chapters)

Perspectives from the Institute of Local Government Studies on the Localism Bill.

Read the updated individual chapters:

Chapter 1 - Introduction and overview (John Raine) 

Chapter 2 - Community rights to challenge and to bid for assets of community value (Tony Bovaird)

Chapter 3 - The Changing Role of Parish and Town Councils (Ian Briggs) 

Chapter 4 - Neighbourhood governance and opportunity missed? (Helen Sullivan)

Chapter 5 - General Power of Competence: just what local government always wanted and needed, wor another damp legislative squib? (Catherine Staite and Steve Rogers)

Chapter 6 - Governance arrangements and their implications for Overview and Scrutiny (John Cade)

Chapter 7 - Elected mayors: the serpentine progress of an unloved reform (Chris Game)

Chapter 8 - Standards and Codes of Conduct (Philip Whiteman)

Chapter 9 - The Localism Act: Community Empowerment (Andrew Coulson)

Chapter 10 - The Implications for local economic development and Local Enterprise Partnerships (Gill Bently)

Chapter 11 - The Localism Act and Reform of Social Housing (David Mullins)

Chapter 12 - Reflections on the Localism Act (George Jones and John Stewart)