Video: Catherine Needham - Politics, government and public policy

I'm Catherine Needham and I’m a senior lecturer in Public Policy and Public Management, I joined the university last year from the University of London attracted by its reputation for policy relevant research which has a rigorous basis in the research that the academics at the university do.

It's very appropriate that we are in the town hall today because the politics of the city are really at the root of Birmingham University's foundation and is still reflected in the strong relationship that the university has with Birmingham City Council particularly through the new Public Services Academy.

The Public Services Academy is launching a project on the 21st century public servant which is really trying to understand the changing workforce who deliver public services recognises they're increasing likely to be based in the private and voluntary sectors for part of their careers and we're working with INLOGOV to deliver a more flexible online teaching programme for those practitioners to make sure that the kinds of material we are offering really fits what the workforce needs."