Podcast: ASPA Roundtable on US Political Science

Roundtable with Professor Steven R. Smith, the American Political Science Association (APSA) Executive Director and a leading scholar on the non-profit sector, 29 July 2014, Chaired by Professor Chris Skelcher, INLOGOV, University of Birmingham.

In this 50 minute podcast, Steve Smith discusses (0 – 22 minutes):

  • the changing environment for academic associations
  • the relationship between members and the academic association
  • the role of conferences and journals
  • development of new associations and special interest groups within political science associations
  • connectivity between the association and members
  • public engagement by political scientists
  • changes in the research funding environment in the US
  • association’s role in stimulating research

Discussion covers (23 – 50 minutes):

  • the US jobs market for UK PhDs
  • separation between political science and public administration disciplines in the US
  • the epistemological/methodological approach of US political science journals
  • forms of association membership and the benefits of membership
  • research funding environment in the US
  • possibilities and infrastructure for collaboration between UK and US political scientists