Towards transformative co-production in local public services (Nov 2012 - Apr 2013)

Researcher: Dr Catherine Durose

Partners: Matthew Hilton (Department of History), Catherine Mangan (Institute of Local Government Studies), Catherine Needham (Health Services Management Centre), James Rees (Third Sector Research Centre), University of Birmingham

Funding: Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Connected Communities programme


The fiscal crisis and changing demographics and expectations of the population have combined with a perception of the failure of traditional models for the delivery of local public service to demand radical new approaches to local public services. Co-production has emerged as a potential response which has captured the imagination of policy makers and politicians Co-production sees public services as the joint product of both citizens and government and demands a mind-set and way of working which values the resources and expertise held by both. This review explore the tensions in thinking about co-production as a substitutive response to austerity and consider when, where and how citizens and professionals can work together to deliver transformation in local public services.

Project aims and objectives

This six month policy review will,

  • Review, synthesise and leverage research with potential relevance to the review commissioned through the AHRC’s Connected Communities programme to date with the inter-disciplinary expertise of the review team;
  • Facilitate trans-disciplinary dialogue and debate amongst key researchers and partners within and beyond the Connected Communities programme;
  • Provide challenging insights for the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) in re-thinking the provision of local public services;
  • Produce useful and stimulating outputs for a wider policy and practice audience

More information

For further information about this project, please contact
Dr Catherine Durose (, +44 (0)121 415 1074)