Ways of Knowing: Exploring the different registers, values and subjectivities of collaborative research (Feb 2013 - Jan 2014)


Dr Catherine Durose


Helen Graham, University of Leeds (PI), Johan Siebers, University of Central Lancashire, Sarah Jane Banks, University of Durham, Niamh Moore, University of Manchester, Kate Pahl, University of Sheffield, Michelle Bastien, University of Manchester, Katie Hill, Sheffield Hallam University


Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Connected Communities programme


This diverse inter-disciplinary project will draw together different perspectives produced through collaborative research generating a range of resources aimed at different audiences to inform the development of creative and reflexive collaborative practice.

Project aims and objectives

  • To consider the emerging ideas and practices from Connected Communities projects within broader cross-disciplinary debates
  • To draw on the methodological, facilitative and creative expertise within the team to explore different approaches to collaborative research

More information

For further information about this project, please contact
Dr Catherine Durose (c.durose@bham.ac.uk, +44 (0)121 415 1074)