EuroVista: Probation and Community Justice

Editorial Team: Rob Canton (, Gerhard Ploeg, John Deering (Book Reviews)

EuroVista Probation Community JusticeEuroVista: Probation and Community Justice is a journal designed to provide both practitioners and academics interested in the management of probation services and other criminal justice agencies with up-to-date insights on research and practice developments.

The journal is sponsored by the Probation Boards’ Association ( and is published three times a year.

EuroVista: Probation and Community Justice, first published in January 2010, is a tri-annual journal on probation matters in Europe. EuroVista aims to provide readers with an accessible, scholarly and relevant source of information on probation research and practice development for both academics and practitioners.

In order to make the access to this information as easy as possible, EuroVista is not only an e-publication, but also exists in print. Printed versions of the journals and single articles can be ordered via the web shop of the University of Birmingham.

EuroVista is a co-production of the Institute of Local Government Studies at the University of Birmingham, and CEP, the European organisation for Probation. EuroVista is closely collaborating with another new e-journal on European probation, the European Journal of Probation. EPJ is a peer review academic journal aiming to promote comparative research on probation and community justice across Europe, founded in 2009.  EuroVista and EPJ thus cover together a broad spectrum of probation topics and promote the development of a science of probation.

Latest Journal contents and guidelines: EuroVista, Volume 2, Number 3, 2013 (PDF, 800KB)

Contributing articles

Contributions are welcomed from practitioners and from academics. Articles are normally between 2,000 and 5,000 words, although shorter contributions are always welcome too.

Prospective authors may wish to discuss their ideas for articles with a member of the editorial team. Contact or 0116 207 8728

For set of guidelines for authors, contact the EuroVista Administrator, Amanda Williams:


A block subscription package is also available to local probation services (to supply all local board members and all senior staff with their own copies): 25 copies of each of the three issues of the annual volume for £500.

For more information about subscribing to the journal, contact Carol Fowler, the Publications Officer: or 0121 414 4986.

  • £60.00 for three issues
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