Supporting your learning

The Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV) offers a high quality, practice-oriented and flexible portfolio of postgraduate programmes, designed to benefit both you and your organisation with fresh perspectives and insights on the developing public service agenda, to hone your personal skills of enquiry and critical reflection on policy and practice, and to grow your confidence as an effective public leader in the challenging times we all face.

If you study with us you will:

  • Achieve a postgraduate degree that will be key to your career advancement plans
  • Study at the UK's leading  public service research centre
  • Learn in a department with a student focused department
  • Be taught by academics whose teaching is informed by their research and consultancy
  • Benefit from our extensive links with policy and practice and learn from senior leaders who contribute to our teaching programmes

International Participants and Recent UK graduates

We encourage participants from different countries to study with us here at INLOGOV. We are conscious that International participants may face additional challenges to their counterparts from UK / EU backgrounds and for this reason we provide additional support. For example, our International Students' Officer can arrange language support, especially in relation to specialist concepts and terminology. In addition, for international participants and recent UK graduates we organise a series of seminar workshops to enable them to develop a better understanding of UK political and organisational structures.

Personal tutors & dissertation supervisors

Each participant is assigned a personal tutor with whom they can follow up and discuss aspects of their academic studies. In addition, each Masters student is assigned a dissertation supervisor with appropriate knowledge and expertise in the chosen subject area.

Range of teaching methods

Our approach to teaching and learning is participant-centred in two ways. Firstly, the Programme explores and makes links between the ideas, models and skills for public service and participants' own work experiences and organisational contexts. As a result, participants' contributions, in the form of discussion and exploration of case studies are particularly important and assist in the creation of an educational environment in which a significant component of the learning derives through interactions between programme participants. Secondly, we recognise that different individuals learn best in different ways. Some will prefer lecture inputs for the frameworks, theoretical perspectives and challenge to thinking that these can provide. Others will tend to favour the more practical sessions and/or the time spent in syndicates with colleagues, exchanging experiences and perspectives on issues under consideration or in addressing specific tasks, case studies and problemsolving.

Many of our modules are taught on a blended learning basis, combining faceto- face provision with online content. This combination offers students the opportunity to learn in a classroom environment and to network with other students, alongside the change to undertake more reflective learning via online case studies and simulation activities.


Modules are assessed through a variety of techniques including traditional essays, group work, action learning and project based assignments, online internet based assessment. This will vary from module to module. Tutorial support is provided throughout.

Part Time and Full Time Study

Students can study on a part time or full time basis. Typically, a part time MSc or PG Diploma student will study for a period of 2 years and a full time student will study for one year. PG Certificate students usually complete within 12 months of starting.

Occasional Students

In addition to people registering for full programmes, we also attract a number of people sitting a single module in order to obtain 20 credits of postgraduate study in order to prove attainment or to bank for later study on a full programme.

Those who have sat on occasional study with us in past years, are encouraged to use those credits for further study on our full programmes.

Direct Provision to Employers

If you are an employer, we will happily talk to you about direct provision of our programmes to cohorts at your place of work. As an example, we have run full postgraduate programmes for East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Northamptonshire Councils, East Staffordshire Borough Council, as well as running individual assessed modules to a large range of individual councils. Special rates apply.

Employers seeking to send groups of individuals to campus may also attract a bulk discount on tuition fees.

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