We are pleased to announce that we have launched the new POLSIS Blog at www.polsis.org. The POLSIS Blog provides a window into the wide range of academic activities taking place within the department. Specifically, it has three overriding aims:

  • Facilitating interdisciplinary communication: Non-technical summaries of our ground-breaking research aim to facilitate communication between scholars working in different disciplines, both within the University of Birmingham and in the academy at large.
  • Bolstering academic impact: By providing an outlet for timely academic responses to key contemporary issues and events, the blog aims also to help our students and researchers in contribute to policy debates and communicating with policymakers and non-academic commentators.
  • Keeping a record: Finally, through podcasts, videos and review articles, the blog aims to maintain a record of the wide range of stimulating events taking place in POLSIS each week, offering students, researchers and the wider public the opportunity to listen again or watch back at a time of their convenience.