POLSIS Gazette - April 2012 Isssue 2

News from Political Science, Sociology and International Studies

polsis-gazetteWelcome to the second issue of The Gazette. This is the first issue to be largely planned and produced by a team of student journalists who have volunteered their time and talent to bring you news and views from across the department. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this issue.

As you will see from the wide array of items that have been included this issue could not have been produced without the co-operation and collaboration of many of our colleagues. Contributions reflect the tremendous range of activities and interests which our students and staff are regularly engaged in. Amongst the many pieces in this issue you will find information on prominent figures who have visited the department to deliver thought provoking lectures; revealing interviews with inspiring members of staff; reports on trips taken to explore the social and political context within which we study, teach and research; and even a review of The Iron Lady for good measure!

We enjoyed working on this issue and we trust you will enjoy the end result. Finally, in a tradition inaugurated by Colin Thain in his introduction to the very first issue of The Gazette we wanted to share an insightful quote and so we offer the following words from the well-known social and political theorist Mark Twain, "You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus".

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