Feeding Renewability Conference Presentations

This event coincided with the passage through Parliament of the Energy Bill implementing Electricity Market Reform (EMR) which is concerned with giving priority to a low-carbon electricity strategy. This event focused on policies needed to underpin a feed-in tariff system for funding renewable energy and also the sort of policy environment that is needed to ensure maximised expansion of renewable energy.  


A renewable energy economy? - Dr David Toke

How are we going to de-carbonise heating of buildings? - Dr David Toke

A Proven Solution - Dr David Toke

How the Energy Bill might affect green electricity suppliers and also renewable generators - Holly Tomlinson

What Policy do we need to maximise Renewables deployment? - Martin Alder

Creating a market for 'negawatts' - Rachel Cary

Projekt Sonnenschein - Alban Thurston

Smart Grids or Smart Pricing - David Hirst

How Electricity Market Reform may affect independent renewable generators - Robert Buckley


Birmingham Brief - Electricity Market Reform: All power to the Big Six!
The Electricity Market Reform (EMR) has been billed as a measure to decarbonise the electricity economy whilst at the same time stopping the electricity system collapsing as old coal and nuclear power stations come off line. Unfortunately the Government is selecting policy mechanisms that give a market advantage to the electricity majors. 
Thursday 10th January 2013