Steve Buckler: an appreciation

It is with great sadness that we learnt that Steve Buckler passed away on Thursday 03 January 2013. Steve was senior lecturer in political theory and was the longest serving member of staff in POLSIS having joined the department in 1989.

Since his arrival in Birmingham, Steve played a central role in all aspects of the department. He taught on a wide range of different political theory courses over the years, and had most recently been teaching undergraduate modules on political ideology and Modern European Thought, both areas in which Steve had considerable expertise. Steve also played a central role in the administration and management of the department, including serving as Deputy Head of Department and as a national politics co-ordinator for C-SAP.

Over the last twenty years, Steve published numerous books and articles in the areas of modern political thought, political ethics and the relationship between political ideas and practice. His first book, Dirty Hands: Problems of Political Morality was published in 1993 and marked the beginning of Steve’s examination of the complex relationship between morality and politics and theory and practice. Steve continued to explore these ideas throughout his many articles on politics, ideology and political theory, but was perhaps best known for his work on the thought of Hannah Arendt, a thinker whose writings he deeply admired. Steve recently published a book on Arendt titled, Hannah Arendt and Political Theory: Challenging the Tradition (2011). This book, along with the many articles he had written, established Steve as one of the world’s most respected authorities on the work of Arendt. For the last four years Steve had also served as editor of the European Journal of Political Theory.

Steve was a highly respected teacher, colleague and scholar. He was also a kind and generous friend to many of us here within POLSIS and beyond. He will be greatly missed by all of us.