European Politics During the Crisis: Developing Research Agendas

The POLSIS European Studies Research Group hosted a research workshop on Wednesday 01 May 2013.

The workshop, titled "European Politics During the Crisis: Developing Research Agendas", included sessions on developing research grant proposals related to the European crisis, the presentation of papers that form work-in-progress regarding political party and public policy responses to the crisis, and discussion of forthcoming work to be conducted as part of a book project looking at European political parties’ response to European integration during the crisis. Participants and research collaborators were invited from external universities, including Barcelona, Sheffield, Leeds, and Liverpool Hope, and from across the College of Social Sciences at the University of Birmingham.

The workshop was co-funded by the POLSIS research competition, the School of Government and Society’s Research and Knowledge Transfer fund, and the College of Social Science’s Advanced Social Science Collaborative fund. The day was productive and resulted in important feedback from colleagues ahead of submitting work for consideration for funding and publication. It also enabled important links to be established between colleagues working on European politics, both within and outside of the University of Birmingham.

The workshop marks the beginning of a series of events to be organised by the European Studies Research Group over the next 12 months, including plans for a postgraduate conference and international conference, to be held in early 2014.