Student profile: Eleanor Johnston, Internship at the GUIDE Consultancy (2013)

Course: BA Political Science, Second Year.
Event: Internship at the GUIDE Consultancy.

This summer, having just finished my Second year in Political Science, I had the fantastic opportunity to intern at GUIDE, a public affairs/ Government relations company in London. I was lucky enough to arrange the internship having been mentored on the university's mentor scheme. 

I worked at the Liverpool Street office for one month and regularly attended networking events, such as a round table breakfast at Bloomberg. Through preparing briefing notes and client profiles, I gained a deeper insight into public affairs and government relations. Initially, the work was challenging but as the weeks progressed, I developed a stronger understanding of the company's expectations and was able to apply my skills as a Political Science student through writing articles and networking.

Having always aimed to work in Politics, my internship was a relevant and insightful experience which taught me a great deal about lobbyists, Parliament and party politics. In particular, through networking with MPs, Think Tanks and Party members, I developed a greater awareness of British Politics and the preparations for the 2015 election. 

My experience was incredibly rewarding and has dramatically increased my awareness of and confidence in Politics. It was a welcome break from exam season and has given me the practical experience which was a great preview of a career in the field. It has encouraged my appreciation of my course and given me enthusiasm and determination for my final year at Birmingham. It has also been incredibly catalytic in helping me hone which careers I will look to pursue when applying for jobs over the next year.

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