Podcast: The EDL, Tommy Robinson and the British Far Right

On this week's podcast we talk about the shock resignation of Tommy Robinson as leader of anti-Islam protest group the English Defence League, and whether he or the movement now have a political future. We also discuss the fortunes and prospects of the British far right more generally, as well as those who seek to thwart it.

Academics featured include:

Dr Adam Quinn
(Senior Lecturer in International Politics. POLSIS)

Dr Chris Allen
(Lecturer in Social Policy, Institute of Applied Social Studies, School of Social Policy)

As well as Islamophobia his other research interests include: the role of faith and religion in the public and political spaces; issues around diversity, multiculturalism and super-diversity; equalities legislation, policy and practice; inclusion, exclusion, integration and cohesion.

Alexander Oaten
(Doctoral Researcher)

The English Defence League: A postmodern political movement?

Alex completed his degree in Political Science at The University of Birmingham in 2010 before moving to Keele University and pursuing an interdisciplinary M.A. in both the Sociology and Humanities Departments. Gaining a distinction and conducting an ethnographic study of the English Defence League as his primary research. Alex has also worked with a free-lance journalist covering the 2010 British General Election. He began his PhD in October 2011.