Victims vs Villains: The 3rd Annual Student Conference

The 3rd Annual Government and Society/POLSIS Conference, Victims vs. Villains, was held in June 2013 and, once again, the event was a great success thanks to all the students, staff and outside speakers who got involved. Organised by Emma Layzell, George Santa-Olalla, Ella Robinson, Asli Abdi, Callum Ramsay, Victoria Walmesley and Sofiyya Saeed (who made up the 2012-13 POLSIS Student Enhancement Committee) the event included a keynote speech from the MEP Nikki Sinclaire (pictured above), as well as an array of high quality papers delivered by Government and Society students. Nikki Sinclaire presented on negotiating her work as a ‘Eurosceptic’ MEP and her fall out with UKIP. She also talked about the work she does promoting human rights.


Following on from Ms Sinclaire's keynote speech, the student presentations delivered at the 2013 conference covered a diverse range of topics, such as the politics of discipline, Syria, xenophobia, political apathy, immigration and the contemporary relevance of Dickensian narratives. These papers were a testament to the diverse range of sophisticated research being undertaken by the students of Government and Society. Ultimately, a number of students, selected by the Student Enhancement Committee, were awarded prizes for their fantastic presentations, with the top prize going to James Bowker (pictured above) and his paper entitled The Growth of the Naughty Step.

*Photography by Emily Hickey Mason (POLSIS Student)

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