Students vote Birmingham as a top UK University for Politics

POLSIS has been voted as one of the top departments in the country for studying Politics in the UK. The survey, carried out by Which? University Guide canvassed the views of over 16,000 students across the UK. The University of Birmingham was singled out in particular for having an active student representation system and the variety of opportunities for students to be involved in the campus decision-making process.

Students taking part in the survey voted based on the range of different political groups and activities available within the University, such as meetings and demonstrations, and whether politics is a visible part of the university experience.

Guild of Students

Our students at Birmingham have a number of ways to become politically active and to be involved in the democratic process; most notably as a member of the Guild of Students. The Guild of Students is the students’ union for more than 28,000 students at Birmingham. It represents students to the University and other organisations and is the voice on the issues that matter most to students. All students have the opportunity to take part in Guild Council, the democratic voice and parliament for all students at Birmingham. It meets regularly to agree Guild policy and holds the Officer Team to account. Any student can turn up, speak and submit motions.

Politics Society

POLSIS students also have the opportunity to become a member of The Politics Society (POLSOC), or even become a member of the committee, which organises and hosts a wide variety of events over the academic year. POLSOC organise political events, inviting guest speakers and lecturers to talk on hot topics. Recent events have included a debate on the Alternative Vote referendum and 'Thatcher on Trial'.

The society aims to help its members with their career prospects after graduation; POLSOC regularly host networking events with POLSIS alumni, which give you the opportunity to gain valuable career advice.

Enhancing your Student Experience

As a student here, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, you have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of events, with some or all of the costs paid for by the department. Some of these are targeted to help you build skills and experience for your CV, others are more open events designed to expose you to high-level speakers on current debates relevant to all POLSIS students.

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