Podcast: Foucault, Sexuality, and Sustainable Development by Dr Emma Foster

On 14 February, the long-running and popular Critical Sexology seminar, originally based in London, and more recently in the North, came to the Midlands with an afternoon-long seminar at University of Birmingham on "Rethinking Foucault for 21st-Century Sexuality Studies".

In this talk, Dr Foster applies the Foucauldian concepts of biopower and governance to ecology. She describes the rhetoric of the UN's sustainable development policy documents as both gender conservative and heteronormative.

She shows how demography itself is a biopolitical instrument and and imagines how a queer approach to ecology might understand nature differently, and outside of the 'resources versus people' dichotomy.

She ends by calling for an ethics of care for the environment that extends beyond the concerns of both selfish kinship ties (protection 'for our children and our children's children') and anthropocentrism.

More information: www.criticalsexology.org.uk and www.birmingham.ac.uk/gender.