POLSIS students take part in Model NATO in Washington D.C. (2014)

This year, the University of Birmingham delegation had the pleasure of representing the United States at the 29th Model NATO Conference, held in Washington D.C. in February 2014.

International Model NATO, Washington D.C.

Once the students were selected, Professor Mark Webber met with the delegation on a monthly basis and sent us numerous briefings and relevant documents to facilitate our thorough preparation. Our sessions were full of detailed information and challenging questions which only made me want to read more and become acquainted with the particular US position I would have to enact during the conference.

Whilst our briefing meeting at the State Department had to be cancelled due to heavy snow, the conference was excellently organised and the participants were very well-prepared. Our delegation is proud that the five months of intensive study paid off: we received the Overall Distinguished Delegation Award and five of us received individual awards as well.

Some of the main highlights for me were the visits to the White House, the Capitol and the Pentagon during the three days after the conference. It was a very enjoyable experience to work and socialise with a very intelligent group of people in one of the most dynamic cities of the world. My advice to anyone going to this conference would be to read extensively prior to the conference, understand your country’s position and ask numerous questions during the sessions with Professor Webber. Also, explore the city when you get there and try to stay in touch with the people you meet – you never know when you might see them again in a different part of the world!

Overall, this was a fantastic conference.  So well run.  Such attention to detail. The networking opportunities were excellent. I would highly recommend this experience to any student wishing to experience public speaking in a mentally stimulating environment.

Written by Ana Alecsandru

More information

Further details of the Model NATO will become available in the autumn term. It is anticipated that the event itself will take place in early February 2015.

For more details about the recent Model NATO event, please contact Professor Mark Webber, Email: m.a.webber.1@bham.ac.uk.