New book published on 'Queer Sex Work'

Dr Nicola Smith, Senior Lecturer in POLSIS, is the co-editor of a new book on 'Queer Sex Work', published by Routledge this month.

queer-sex-workThe book, which is co-edited with Mary Laing from the University of Northumbria and Katy Pilcher from Aston University, brings together 43 contributors and 26 chapters in order to explore what it might mean to ‘be’, ‘do’ and ‘think’ queer(ly) in the study and practice of commercial sex. It brings together a multiplicity of empirical case studies – including erotic dance venues, online sex working, pornography, grey sexual economies, and BSDM – and offers a variety of perspectives from academic scholars, policy practitioners, activists and sex workers themselves. In so doing, the book advances a queer politics of sex work that aims to disrupt heteronormative logics whilst also making space for different voices in academic and political debates about commercial sex.

A book launch to celebrate the publication of this unique and interdisciplinary volume will take place at the University of Leeds in June 2015.

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