Sociology to host a BSA Regional Postgraduate Day on Power and Exclusion

We are pleased to announce that the British Sociological Association Regional Postgraduate Day on the theme of "Researching Social Inequality Across the Social Sciences: Contemporary Sociological Analyses of Power and Exclusion" will be held at Birmingham this Spring. This is a cross-college, interdisciplinary event,  hosted by Sociology in the School of Government and Society. It is the result of a successful collaboration between post-graduate researchers and academic staff across all four Schools in the College of Social Sciences (Education, Business, Government and Society and Social policy).

The one day workshop will focus on key sociological approaches to the study of social inequality with an emphasis on the cross-disciplinary use of theory and method to study power and its effects. The workshop will bring researchers, working within diverse fields spanning the social sciences, together to discuss how sociological theories of power inform the study of inequality and exclusion; explain social reproduction; provide important methodological strategies; and inform practice across a range of policy contexts. Date TBC.

Postgraduate Organisers:

  • Gerardo Javier Arriaga-Garcia School of Social Policy
  • Shardia Briscoe-Palmer School Government and Society
  • Holly Henderson School of Education
  • Frances Rogan School of Government and Society
  • Rebecca Stanyer Birmingham Business School
  • Rohit Talwar Birmingham Business School 
  • Pamela Jabbar School Government and Society

Academic support:

  • Dr Scott Taylor, Birmingham Business School
  • Professor Ann-Marie Bathmaker, School of Education
  • Professor Fiona Carmichael, Birmingham Business School
  • Dr Shelley Budgeon, Sociology