EU Referendum debated in POLSIS Special Seminar

A packed audience in the Arts Main lecture theatre listened to the contributions of Tony Barber (Financial Times), Catherine de Vries (Oxford University), Nathaniel Copsey (Foreign and Commonwealth Office) and our own Nicole Scicluna. Whereas Tony Barber highlighted many of the challenges ahead and reminded us that what appear to be decisive critical moments are often part of longer processes of adaptation and change, Catherine de Vries challenged the notion that the Leave vote was simply a product of the ‘left behinds’, Nicole Scicluna explored Australia’s reaction to the referendum result and Nathaniel Copsey explained how the machinery of government is preparing itself for the challenges of Brexit. 

As Head of Department Tim Haughton, who organized the event, commented ‘the seminar demonstrated the department’s commitment to engaging with the big issues of the day’.

Several more exciting seminars are planned for the remainder of the year including a special seminar on Wednesday 16 November examining the results of the US Presidential elections.   

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