School Enhancement Fund supports Student attendance at Model UN

Catalina Lopez Curevas, London International MUN 2016

Thanks to funds from the School of Government's Student Enhancement Fund I had the incredible opportunity to chair for the first time the disarmament and security UN committee (DISEC) at London International Model United Nations HS.

Although LIMUN has been taking place for several years, this was the first time they held the conference for high school students, and it was unquestionably a success. This year, the DISEC committee addressed the acquisition of biological weapons by non-state actors. It has been an on-going debate, especially since the 9/11, which needs an immediate solution. The committee was formed by 20 countries, including Russia, USA, Germany, South Korea or Israel. Despite the fact there were ideological confrontations between some of the countries, the delegates addressed the problem from the first sessions and came up with a realistic, high-quality and valuable resolution. Moreover, although many of the students had never participated in a MUN conference and this was their first time, they did an outstanding job.

On the first day we went through the different rules of procedure, and they immediately understood them. During the first day, especially at the beginning, delegates began to address issues which where a little bit off topic, but they immediately realized and came back to the specific issue to be addressed. The final resolution, which passed unanimously with 20 votes for and none against, included 7 powerful operative clauses. From a broad perspective, the resolution proposed an UN body that would evaluate the risk of non-state actors gaining access to biological weapons with the submission of state’s report on their status regarding CBM’s and the inspections of their security facilities. It also suggested the collaboration with the WHO to ensure a strong health infrastructure from each country in order to deter the threat of biological weapons. Although these were not the only clauses made in the resolution, these two points show the main ideas of the delegates for dealing with the problem.

On the personal experience, it was my first time chairing a MUN conference, and it was undoubtedly a remarkable and enriching experience. You not only moderate and guide the sessions, but also learn from the delegates. The overall goal of being a chair is to make delegates enjoy themselves and from the Secretariat perspective this was fully accomplished. This opportunity has not only taught me new things, but it has made even more passionate, if possible, about MUN Conferences.

Written by
Catalina Lopez Curevas