POLSIS Staff Attend Inaugural Departmental Conference

Professor Ole Waever

Staff and postgraduate students from the Department of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS) attended the inaugural Departmental Conference at Kenilworth on 29-30 June 2017. A series of panels and roundtables showcased the pioneering research in the department and allowed staff to discuss works-in-progress with their peers across (sub-)disciplines and research interests, over a wide range of subjects.  Themes included the politics of Eurasia and South-East Asia, the current crises in Europe, party organisation, securitisation, Brexit, Trump and other contemporary issues.

The keynote address – entitled "Identity, Migration and the Current Security Agenda in Europe: the Discontent at Having 25 Year-Old Predictions Proven All-Too-Right" - was delivered by one of the world's leading scholars of International Relations, Professor Ole Waever of the University of Copenhagen.  It provided members of the department with an updated view of one of the central concepts within the 'Copenhagen School' of International Security Studies - 'societal security' - in light of the contemporary crises also touched upon by many other participants at the event.

Dr Tim Haughton, Head of POLSIS, who initiated the idea of the conference and oversaw the management commented, 'It was a real pleasure to listen and discuss the exciting and path-breaking research conducted by colleagues in POLSIS. I'd also like to pay tribute to Kevork Oskanian and Claire Groom for organizing the event so well'.