POLSIS Staff Discussing War, Peace, Traumatised Societies, and Shakespeare at The Royal Shakespeare Company

As part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Shakespeare’s Rome series, Dr Christalla Yakinthou was invited to discuss the relevance of their current production, Antony and Cleopatra, to today’s world (Friday 04 August 2017). Joining Christalla on the filmed session was series director Angus Jackson, director Iqbal Khan, historian Adrian Goldsworthy, and actor Lucy Phelps who plays Octavia.

The discussion preceded the performance, and focused on questions including ‘at what cost, peace?’, ‘what compromises are needed to ensure apparent equilibrium?’, ‘how do we quell civil unrest without removing the freedom to disagree?’, and ‘is there a grief index? Are some lives more worth mourning the loss of?’ The whole stream is posted on the RSC’s facebook page.