General Sir Richard Shirreff speaks to Strategy students in POLSIS

General Sir Richard Shirreff, a leading strategic thinker with experience of military command in Kosovo and Iraq, delivered a fascinating talk to students on the essential features of good strategy-making. Emphasising the importance of marrying ways, ends and means; aiming to “influence transformations” rather than having fixed ends in mind; and controlling the strategic narrative against foes such as insurgent groups and Russia, General Shirreff’s talk was peppered with practical wisdom.  

Dr Jamie Gaskarth, the Deputy Head of POLSIS commented, ‘This was a brilliant opening lecture from a hugely experienced military leader, offering students a practical understanding of the realities of strategy-making. It is part of a series of prestigious speakers from the military, government, business and the media, contributing their insights to final year undergraduates studying on our strategy and decision-making module.’