Podcast: What's the Purpose of International Relations? Views of the Discipline

Chair: Dr Marco Vieira (POLSIS)

Panel: Dr. Megan Daigle (POLSIS), Prof. Justin Rosenberg (Sussex) Discussant: Prof. Nick Wheeler (ICCS)  

'International Relations (IR) is a popular discipline with a seemingly inescapable relevance to the world around us. Yet its critics have suggested the discipine is overly theoretical, indistinguishable from other fields of study, and divorced from the 'real world' of policy, practice and social progress. Who is right? What, in fact, is the purpose of IR - for students, academics, citizens and policy-makers? In this seminar leading IR scholars will discuss this question - offering insights from their research, and their engagement with opinion formers and practioners beyond the academy.

The POLSIS Departmental Seminar series brings leading scholars to the University to present cutting-edge research in the fields of Political Science and International Studies.

Recorded: Wednesday 29 November 2017 (15:00-16:30)
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