Gerasimos Tsourapas Wins British Academy Award

Dr. Gerasimos Tsourapas, Lecturer in Middle East Politics at POLSIS, has been awarded a 2018 British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award, for a project on 'The International Politics of Middle East Migration: Problems, Policy, Practice.'

The research project recognises that migration has emerged as one of the major challenges of our time, from the Syrian refugee crisis or sub-Saharan migration via the Mediterranean to the mobilisation of the Turkish diaspora across Europe or the politics of labour immigration in the Gulf. In response, Dr. Tsourapas aims to forge a network of early-career researchers keen on understanding the international politics of cross-border mobility into, out of, and across the Middle East. The research project also seeks to foster engagement with senior academics and policy-makers across the UK, Europe, and the Middle East via a number of initiatives in the 2018-2019 academic year.