Students get chance to study MA module in Delhi, India.

Advanced Intensive MA Module designed and delivered collaboratively by the Universities of Birmingham, Melbourne and Delhi

'Traditional and New Security Challenges: South Asia inGlobal Perspective'
Delhi, India. 12 - 18 February 2012

This intensive module, aimed at students with a background and interest in security studies, will explore the evolving international security agenda in theory and with reference to South Asian topics and challenges. The module will beorganized in Delhi with staff and students from the Universities of Birmingham, Delhi and Melbourne.

The module will consider the relevance of the traditional ‘national security’ paradigm – based upon military defence of territory against ‘external’ threats– and the role of nuclear deterrence in South Asia. It will also explore how challenges such as weak and failed states, environmental degradation, terrorism, under development, migration, and normative ideas such as ‘human security’, have come to change the way we think about, and respond to, insecurity. The module will aim to develop students’ theoretical understanding of these debates and explore them in relation to policy challenges.

The module will encourage students to take a ‘critical’ approach to these debates, it will draw upon the diverse backgrounds of participants, and it will explorethe South Asia experience – as well as other regions – to illustrate the topics discussed. The module is convened and taught by Dr. Danielle Beswick (International Development Department), Dr. Edward Newman (Department of Political Science and International Studies) and partners from the Universityof Melbourne and the University of Delhi. The Universities of Birmingham, Melbourne and Delhi are members of Universitas21, an international network of leading universities committed to excellence in teaching and research.

This module is accredited and, upon satisfactory completion, will contribute 20 credits to the MA programme of participants.

Students who are enrolled on full or part time Masters programmes in IDD, POLSIS and INLOGOV are eligible to apply to take part.

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