Dr Brinkerhoff international public management visiting fellow

Dr Derick Brinkerhoff will join the College of Social Science for one week from 15th October as a Visiting Fellow under the Advanced Social Science Collaborative (ASSC) scheme. He will be hosted by the International Development Department (IDD) and the Centre for International Education and Research (CIER).

Derick Brinkerhoff

Dr Brinkerhoff is Distinguished Fellow in international public management at RTI International, USA, and also holds a faculty appointment at George Washington University’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration. He has received multiple awards and honours for his research in social science and policy studies, and for his contribution to the theory and practice of international development and comparative public administration.

His fellowship will explore and consolidate the interest shared by Dr Brinkerhoff with IDD and CIER in the role of service delivery in state building in fragile and transitional countries. His visit builds on earlier work, including joint publication and discussions at George Washington University, with Professor Richard Batley and Claire Mcloughlin of IDD.

Derick Brinkerhoff’s programme will include small group research discussions throughout the week, and three presentations:

  • 17th October on 'developing country actors' demand for research and evidence'. This is in a one day workshop organised by IDD's Governance and Social Development Resource Centre on Research and Evidence in International Development: Knowledge Brokers and Networks Sharing Experience.
  • 18th October 16.30-18.30pm on 'service delivery, governance, and state-building: post-conflict transition challenges'. This is part of IDD’s seminar series which all are invited to attend, in the Gisbert Kapp Building Room N 224.
  • 19th October on 'service delivery and legitimacy in Iraq'. This is in a one day workshop in London, organised jointly by the Overseas Development Institute with IDD on Politics, State-Building and Service Delivery.

Anyone wanting further information or details of how to get involved
please contact Richard Batley (r.a.batley@bham.ac.uk)