Governance and the state

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Smart Urban Intermediaries: Trans-European research, learning, and action Project (Apr 2017 - Oct 2019)

The project will seek to generate impact and value in academia, civil society and urban governance in understanding, contributing to and advancing smart urban development and social innovation. Reflecting the substantive focus of this project, a crucial impact will be on transforming existing and fostering new connections, collaboration and co-creation between, as well as within, user communities.

Jam and Justice: co-producing urban governance for social innovation (Jan 2016 - Jul 2019)

The impact from Jam and Justice will be conceptual, re-thinking the nature of contemporary urban governance, emphasising governing processes, the role of intermediaries in urban transformations and re-orienting devolution to place-based capacity building.

The Political Economy of Democracy Promotion (Jan 2016 - Jan 2018)

This project – The Political Economy of Democracy Promotion Project – aims to improve our understanding of when, and how, democracy promotion works. It is a collaboration between the International Development Department at the University of Birmingham and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD).

Memorializing struggle: Dynamics of memory, space and power in post-liberation Africa (Sept 2016 - Sept 2019)

Comparing the experiences of South Africa under the ANC and Uganda under the NRM, this research project is concerned with public and social acts of memorialisation in post-liberation states and societies and how certain stories about the past are negotiated and contested.

The contentious politics of the census in consociational democracies (Feb 2017 - Jan 2019)

The project will explore the relationship between the design of political institutions and the likelihood of the census becoming the subject of contentious political debates – a relationship that has thus far received little attention from scholars.

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