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Staff throughout the School of Government and Society.

Head of School: Professor Mark Webber

International Development Department (IDD)

Head of Department: Dr Fiona Nunan

NameJob title
Dr Philip AmisSenior Lecturer
Dr Megan A ArmstrongTeaching Fellow
Dr Rosita ArmytageResearch Fellow
Edward AvenellResearch Administrator
Professor Richard BatleyEmeritus Professor of Development Administration
Dr Danielle BeswickSenior Lecturer
Dr Adrian CampbellSenior Lecturer
Convenor of Masters in Public Administration and Masters in Public Administration and Development
Professor Nic CheesemanProfessor of Democracy and International Development
Dr David CobleyTeaching Fellow
Dr Laurence CooleyResearch Fellow
Dr Raquel da SilvaBritish Academy Research Fellow
Dr Niheer Dasandi Birmingham Fellow in Politics and Development
Dr Simon DelayLecturer
Dr Susan DodsworthResearch Fellow
Dr Jonathan FisherSenior Lecturer in African Politics
Academic Director of the Governance and Social Development Resource Centre (GSDRC)
Dr Tom HewittLecturer in International Development
Professor David HudsonBirmingham Professorial Research Fellow in Politics and Development
Iffat IdrisResearch Fellow, GSDRC
Professor Paul JacksonProfessor of African Politics
Dr Edward LawsResearch Fellow
Dr Nicolas Lemay-HebertSenior Lecturer
Dr Robert LeursSenior Lecturer
Brian LucasManager, GSDRC
Professor Heather MarquetteProfessor of Development Politics
Director of Research, Developmental Leadership Program (DLP)
Claire McloughlinLecturer
Dr Mary Menton
Dr Fiona NunanSenior Lecturer in Environment and Development
Director of the International Development Department
Sarah O'ConnorInformation Officer, GSDRC
Dr Martin OttmannBirmingham Fellow
Dr Suda PereraResearch Fellow
Professor Carole RakodiEmeritus Professor, Director, Religions and Development Research Programme
Dr Martin RewLecturer
Willem Van EekelenTeaching Fellow
Sanne WeberResearch fellow

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Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV)

Head of Department: Catherine Mangan

NameJob title
Dr Karin BottomLecturer British Politics and Public Policy
Director of Teaching and Learning
Emeritus Professor Tony BovairdEmeritus Professor of Public Management and Governance
Dr Abena F. Dadze-ArthurLecturer
Dr Catherine DuroseReader in Policy Sciences
Helen Hurford-DawsonDirector of MPA
Dr Stephen JeffaresLecturer
Director of Postgraduate Research, INLOGOV
Professor Vivien LowndesProfessor of Public Policy
Jason LowtherSenior Fellow
Catherine ManganDirector of INLOGOV
Emeritus Professor John RaineProfessor of Management in Criminal Justice
Dr Louise ReardonLecturer
Professor Chris SkelcherProfessor of Public Governance
Professor Catherine StaiteDirector for Public Sector Reform
Dr Peter WattReader in Public Sector Economics
Dr Philip WhitemanLecturer

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Department of Political Science and International Studies (POLSIS)

Head of Department: Dr Tim Haughton

NameJob title
Dr Daniele AlbertazziSenior Lecturer in European Politics and Postgraduate Research Director
Dr Derek AverreReader in Russian Foreign and Security Policy
Dr David BaileySenior Lecturer
Dr Stephen BatesLecturer in Political Science
BA Political Science Programme Director
Professor Peter BurnhamProfessor of Political Science and International Studies
Dr Tereza CapelosSenior Lecturer in Political Psychology
Director for the MSc in Global Cooperation and Security
Dr Richard ConnollyDirector, CREES
Senior Lecturer in Political Economy
Emeritus Professor Julian CooperEmeritus Professor of Russian Economic Studies
Professor David CuttsProfessor of Political Science
Professor David DunnProfessor in International Politics
Dr Rita FloydBirmingham Fellow in Conflict and Security
Dr Emma FosterLecturer in International Politics and Gender
Dr Charlotte GalpinLecturer in German and European Politics
Deputy Director of the Institute for German Studies
Dr Jamie GaskarthSenior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations
Dr Julie GilsonReader in Asian Studies
Dr Mark GoodwinLecturer
Emeritus Professor Philip HansonEmeritus Professor of the Political Economy of Russia and Eastern Europe
Dr Tim HaughtonReader in European Politics
Head of the Department of Political Science and International Studies
Dr Mattias HjortTeaching Fellow in Political Science
Dr Laura JenkinsLecturer in Political Science
Dr Deema KaneffReader in Social Anthropology
Dr Nino KemoklidzeLeverhulme Early Career Fellow
Dr Peter KerrSenior Lecturer in Politics
Dr George KyrisLecturer in International and European Politics
Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Dr Richard Lock-PullanSenior Lecturer in International Politics
Professor Scott LucasProfessor of American Studies
Dr Huw MacartneySenior Lecturer in Political Economy
Dr Cerwyn MooreSenior lecturer in International Relations
Dr Richard NorthSenior Lecturer in Political Theory
Dr Alex OatenTeaching Fellow in Political Science
Dr Kevork OskanianLecturer in Political Science and International Studies
Dr Julian PänkeLecturer in European Politics and DAAD Fachlektor
Emeritus Professor Peter PrestonEmeritus Professor of Political Sociology
Dr Adam QuinnSenior Lecturer in International Politics
Dr Richard ShortenSenior Lecturer in Political Theory
Dr Asaf SiniverReader in International Security
Dr Nicola SmithSenior Lecturer in Political Science
Dr Jill SteansSenior Lecturer in International Relations Theory
Professor Colin ThainProfessor of Political Science
Dr Graham TimminsDirector of Education,College of Social Sciences
Senior Lecturer in International Politics
Dr Tsering TopgyalLecturer in International Relations
Postgraduate Deputy Director (Postgraduate Admissions)
Dr Gerasimos TsourapasLecturer in Middle East Politics
Dr Sevasti-Eleni VezirgiannidouLecturer in International Organisations
Dr Marco VieiraSenior Lecturer in International Relations
Director of Research, POLSIS
Dr Robert WattLecturer
Professor Mark WebberProfessor of International Politics
Head of Government and Society
Dr Dominic WelburnLecturer in Political Theory
Dr Mark WenmanSenior Lecturer in Political Theory
Professor Nicholas J. WheelerProfessor of International Relations
Director of the The Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security
Dr David WhiteLecturer in Political Science
Dr Matthew WhitingLecturer in Comparative Politics
Professor Kataryna WolczukProfessor of East European Politics
Professor Stefan WolffProfessor of International Security
Dr Christalla YakinthouBirmingham Fellow
Dr Galina YemelianovaSenior Lecturer in Eurasian Studies
Dr Sotirios ZartaloudisLecturer in Politics

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