Besnik Tahiri

First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo

MA in Local Government and International Development, 2004
A recipient of the prestigious Chevening Scholarship.

Besnik Tahiri

Joining the IDD family of students and alumni from across the world have been one of my greatest honours. Studying at IDD provided an amazing experience for both my personal and professional development. The advanced and comprehensive masters program at IDD, provided a firm foundation for my future professional endeavours both in the Republic of Kosovo and internationally.

Besides my academic activities, being elected as student representative for my programme in IDD helped me to develop lasting relationships with professors and peers that are globally recognised as world-leading experts on public policy and international development. 

Upon my graduation, a number of my closest contacts have been Nick Devas, Andrew Nickson, Donald Curtis, Ita Curtis, Gareth Wall and many other professors and fellow students from my time in Birmingham. 

Being part of the alumni network of IDD is a remarkable opportunity for professional cooperation and development between members of this body in the quest for truly transformative developing policies and projects, contributing to peace and prosperity in our societies."

An overview of Besnik Tahiri's career 

Besnik Tahiri has extensive international experience as a Senior Consultant to major international organisations, including the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the National Democratic Institute (NDI), Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Chemoinics, and Tetra Tech. He is an International Assessor certified by the International Association for Development Assessment (IDEAS), Carlton University, Ottawa, Canada. 

Since 2008, as founder-director of the Kosovo Local Government Institute (KLGI), one of the most prominent think-tanks in Kosovo, he has led several projects in the areas of local governance. From 2004 to 2008, he served in the Cabinet of three Prime Ministers as a Senior Political Adviser. His work portfolio included the management of Kosovo government programs for political reform and the transition process, in the framework of the implementation of UN and EU standards. From 2001 to 2004 he served as the Program Manager of 14 OSCE Democracy Centers, being responsible for citizen participation and citizen-based advocacy campaigns.  

Mr. Tahiri served as the National Coordinator for State Reforms in the 2017-2019 Government of the Republic of Kosovo, leading and coordinating the state reform process, including the public administration reform law package; law on government; coordination with municipalities; and cooperation with local and international organisations and partners involved in the state reform processes. 

In June 2020, Mr. Tahiri was appointed the first Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo. 

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Besnik Tahri

“My personal and professional success would not have been possible without my journey at International Development Department (IDD), University of Birmingham. The theoretical and practical knowledge I gained at IDD are two of my best companions throughout my professional endeavours. I thank my professors, fellow students and every member of IDD for their guidance, encouragement and support.”